Yes I can see her
Cause every girl in here wanna be her
Oh shes a diva
I feel the same and I wanna meet her
They say she low down
Its just a rumor and I don’t believe em
They say she needs to slow down
The baddest thing around town
She’s nothing like a girl you’ve ever seen before
Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood whore


Addiction #7

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lolita
Makeup: Pink Acid Superstar Eye Makeup – Smokey Black
Pink Acid Cupcake Lip Glaze Gloss – Nude
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Bring me your love tattoo
Bangles: Izzie’s Hole Bangles
Collar: (r)M Posture Collar No. 02

Catsuit: *Vixen* Shak Catsuit Black (BB&B)
Nails & Toes: sexZ Nautical nailZ Classic (BB&B)
Shoes: .SALT. Bitch Flipflops (Lubbly Jubblies)


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